How Does Online Advertising Help Local Businesses Grow?

As more consumers search for services and products online, many businesses are making the switch from traditional advertising to online advertising.  Online advertising includes email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and many more. This new way of advertising helps local business owners in various ways that traditional marketing could not offer.

The most beneficial aspect of online marketing is that it raises awareness. It provides an excellent opportunity for small companies to become well-known not only in their immediate neighborhood, but also throughout the greater community. Local businesses may analyze their ROI and assess the impact of their advertisements with online marketing. This is a great way to know that their money is actually being spent on something positive and progressive.

How can I determine an ad’s effectiveness?

An ad’s effectiveness varies and depends on different factors. Here is a list of indicators that would determine whether your ad is successful or not:

  1. Impressions. The number of views an advertisement got.
  2. Clicks. The number of direct clicks an advertisement got.
  3. Engagements. This refers to the social and landing page clicks.
  4. Results. This is the outcome of your advertisement. It can come in the form of a phone call, store visit, or a product/service bought.

Generally, you would want to gain high numbers on these indicators. The good thing about knowing the numbers your ad is getting, is you have time to change or improve tactics.

What are the best platforms to advertise?

There are many platforms out there. However, not all of them can guarantee success. So, to save you time and money, here are the three best online platforms to post your web marketing and digital advertisements:

1. Google

The world’s largest search network is Google. Its consumers are using its search feature on a daily basis for all kinds of purposes. This is what makes Google a great platform for online marketing and digital advertisements. In just one click, consumers can search for products and services near them.

Google allows local businesses to be visible online and it allows your business to be visible to the right customers. Its flexibility is a great advantage since advertisers are allowed to test strategies and test which ones work for them and which doesn’t. This way, you are actually getting your money’s worth.

2. Facebook 

Facebook is the leading social media platform today. With billions of users from different parts of the world, this makes Facebook a great platform for online marketing and digital advertisements. It is the best place to make local brands known and make customers cater to their services and products.

Facebook Ad is a wonderful feature that this platform can offer. Facebook targets potential customers by tracking their users’ interests, behaviors, age, gender, location, and anything that their profile reveals about themselves. It may sound creepy, but Facebook does this to provide the best service for their users.

3. Instagram

Instagram is the fourth most popular social media site, with only Facebook, Youtube, and WhatsApp having more daily active global users, yet it has an astonishing 1.3 million users. With 2.9 billion monthly views, Instagram is one of the top ten most-visited websites on the planet and one of the best platforms a business can use for its online marketing and digital advertisements.

Instagram ads let local businesses advertise and reach their customers with precise targeting and actionable insights. It includes simple and flexible tools that can help businesses boost posts and turn them into ads. 

You can keep an eye on your campaign while on the road with the Ads Manager app for iOS and Android. Through this app, you’ll be able to develop and update ads, track their success, and manage ad budgets and schedules from anywhere. 

Because Facebook owns Instagram, you can use both applications interchangeably. Just link your accounts, and you’ll be able to post to Facebook directly from Instagram!

Grow Your Business Now!

Gone are the days wherein businesses have to spend a lot of money to advertise and promote their products and services on TV. Startups and local businesses can now do online marketing and digital advertising! These are great investments and tools that can ensure business growth and success. 

Now that you know what online marketing and digital advertising are, how to determine an ad’s effectiveness, and the best platforms to publish online advertisements, you should start making these changes and start investing in these ad platforms!

If you need more help with your business’ advertisements, Shark Jockey team is here for you! Our advertising experts will work directly with you to design the best outbound and inbound marketing solutions! Just book a consultation with us today!

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