Why Isn't Your Marketing Ready for the Next 10 Years?

What did you do during the last 10 years to make sure your marketing plan was ready for 2022? When most business owners are asked this question for the first time, the more proactive leaders immediately think about the employees, consultants, or freelancers they’ve hired to help with their digital marketing plan. Unfortunately, the majority of these professionals seem to feel as though they are acting in very reactive ways to a constantly changing state of marketing.

Thanks to the explosion of social media sites during 2010 to now, these changes occur faster than ever before in history. Audiences consume, grow bored of, and then indifferent to new content so quickly today because they are bombarded by it from morning to night through the social networks they stay glued to on their phones, tablets, and laptops.

In our experience, many companies come to us only after feeling as though they have beaten their deadhorse tactics to death over the past several months or years. In short, if you feel like your once effective marketing strategies are no longer working this is the MOST IMPORTANT article for you to read today. But before you scroll through the content in search of a quick fix, please consider the opening question again first…this is actually the answer that will help you more than anything.

What did you do during the last 10 years to make sure your marketing plan was ready for 2022?

Let’s assume that you were like the majority of people on planet Earth, and the advent of social media took you by surprise. MySpace was not something you thought would stick around, Facebook didn’t hit your radar until you heard of its IPO in 2010, and you really didn’t believe social media had that much influence on your company’s financial future until recently when your other marketing efforts seemed to steadily fall short of the ROI they once provided. If this sounds like you, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt by throwing out everything up until 2010, but come on…starting in 2010, you should have known we would be here today. You had to have seen this moment in history coming, when social media overtook the attention of the majority of your customers, regardless of their age, income, education, or location. And if you didn’t realize this was happening, you might have a few excuses now, that are still holding your company back from creating a brilliant marketing plan. Get rid of them. A new decade approaches.

There are absolutely no excuses left for not throwing everything you have into creating a modern marketing plan for the next decade that emphasizes social media as the MOST IMPORTANT piece of your business’ puzzle. However, while you might be out of excuses we know that you also are not sure where to begin when it comes to updating your plan for the next 10 years.

What is Shark Jockey?

Shark Jockey is not a team of social media gurus. But we have helped companies earn millions of dollars in revenue from improved social media.

Shark Jockey is not going to tell you how one new sales funnel is going to solve your problems. But we do help companies and marketing agencies create and implement effective marketing funnels every week.

Shark Jockey is not going to tell you how to create one viral video that will change your entire business. But we are helping some of the region’s top influencers improve their social media presence, and even teaching them to earn more by combining the use of an effective CRM with updates to their algorithm.

Shark Jockey does not promise more followers for ‘x’ amount of dollars. But we helped one client gain over 70,000 followers in 30 days during 2018.

Shark Jockey is focused on helping companies improve their marketing. But often times, these efforts help improve revenue. For example, in 2018 we helped one client who spent over $1 million on Facebook ads in the past 17 months decrease their cost of conversion from nearly $70 per conversion down to $10-$20.

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Is your marketing ready for success in 2022?