Influencer Marketing

If you’ve never worked with an influencer before and are ready to take the plunge, hiring Shark Jockey to guide you through these uncharted waters is a great alternative to doing it alone.

Drive Growth with Influencer Marketing

According to a recent research by MediaKix and Business Insider Intelligence, influencer marketing is currently worth $8 billion and is expected to be worth $15 billion by 2022. What is the size of that? Influencer marketing is bigger than out-of-home advertising ($8 billion), newspapers ($7.96 billion), and magazines ($7.45 billion), and it’s on course to overtake broadcast radio ($14.43 billion) in the next several years.

Influencer marketing helps companies access big, engaged audiences by using the followers of today’s top social media stars (YouTubers, Instagrammers, Viners, Snapchatters, and bloggers) to reach millions of customers, boost brand awareness, build favorable brand identities, and more.

A team of Influencer Marketing Experts

Our team of highly skilled influencer marketing experts have worked with micro-influencers for a variety of online companies. Across the United States, we execute influencer campaigns for a variety of brands. Shark Jockey is a leading marketing firm that combines creativity and technological expertise to provide scalable micro-influencer marketing campaigns with creative direction to our customers.

Best Influencer Marketing in the United States

Shark Jockey offers the expertise and a large network of influencers from many sectors that they deal with, from influencer research to campaign implementation. We understand how to manage both the influencer and the client’s relationship.

Custom Influencer Marketing made just for you

As the cost of content and sponsored ads on social networks has risen. Many companies have used influencer marketing, and there’s no reason why yours shouldn’t as well. Influencer marketing is a cost-effective alternative to traditional paid media methods, resulting in increased brand recognition, sales, and leads. We bring together the great influencers from across the world to generate high-quality, authentic content for your audience. To link our brands with influencers, we utilize data and analytics.

Our Influencer Marketing Process

We create significant creative moments through human-powered collaborations. We bridge the gap between offline and online communities. Our venues are built for social, from content creation to influencer gatherings.

Shark Jockey provides full influencer campaign planning services, as well as access to digital influencers, campaign measurement and analysis based on data, and more. Shark Jockey has offered everything companies need to establish high-reach influencer marketing campaigns with today’s top social media stars.