Website Design

We develop custom solutions to solve problems and meet needs, and we’re glad to report that we’ve produced premium web designs for everyone from sole proprietorships to major corporations. Our web designers are all local to Louisville. Our web designs, on the other hand, are not only limited to web design for Louiseville clients; we have clients from all over the country and the world. If you are in the Louisville area, we would be delighted to visit your office and discuss how our web designs might benefit your company! Not from the area? We also offer web design consultations online.

Web Design, Consulting, Training, and Tech Support

For our clients, we provide web design consultation, training, and tech support. These services are often utilized by clients using content management systems like Magento for e-commerce or WordPress web designs. Our support team assists clients in maintaining and quickly updating their web design on their own, allowing them to save money. We also offer graphic design, search engine optimization, and custom web application development as part of our full-service creative web design and development services.

Onsite web design training is currently only offered in Louisville, KY.

A team of the best Web Designers in the United States

The Shark Jockey’s web design team has been making some of the best and most affordable web designs in Louisville, KY since the start of our operation. Our team of experienced web designers and developers works with clients all throughout the United States, providing technical and creative expertise. Custom web design and development are our specialties. Our services are not only performed in-house in Louisville, but also with the support of our highly-skilled web designers from all over the world. We have graphic designers, web designers, web developers, web marketers, campaign managers, social media gurus, SEO content writers, and project coordinators ready to work on your project.

Onsite web design training is currently offered in Louisville, KY. We can provide training through online conferencing throughout the United States. Please ask for details.

Top-notch Web Designs in the United States

Each of our web designs is unique to the customer. The web designers at Shark Jockey develop engaging responsive web designs that bring value to any company’s brand. We know how important first impressions are to customers. With the help of Shark Jockey building your web design, we will make sure that your website will stand out.

Web design has the potential to have a far greater impact on business growth than any other marketing effort. We offer complete web design, development, coding, and programming services, resulting in one-of-a-kind SEO-focused websites. Our mission is to serve you and your organization to the best of our ability, whether you are seeking for a new agency or currently have an internal marketing team.

Onsite web design training is currently only offered in Louisville, KY.

Custom Web Designs made just for you

We will create a web design custom-fit just for you. Understanding your brand messaging, value proposition, and core capabilities is the first step toward creating a successful website. We can develop a web design that conveys your narrative in a way that appeals specifically to your target audience after we understand those principles.

Shar Jockey doesn’t just make a web design that looks good. Our company specializes in developing high-quality custom web designs that have a beneficial influence on the bottom line. All of our web designs are fully responsive to mobile devices and optimized for speed and search engine performance. All of our websites are kept up to date by our support team, who performs regular upgrades and quality assurance inspections. As a result, we’ve created high-quality, professional websites that look fantastic and perform even better.

Onsite web design training is currently only offered in Louisville, KY.

Our Web Design Process

Step 1 (Research): From web design to marketing and branding, all of our projects begin with an assessment. Our team will ask a few questions and set some objectives. Once we’ve decided on a course, our team of web designers will do their research. We study the industry and its competitors. We look at the web design of the competition to see how we can out-design them.

Step 2 (Plan): At this stage, our graphic and web designers will provide mockups, concepts, wire frames, prototype, storyboards, and strategy, depending on the type of project. We’ll be looking for and needing your input. Once the artwork is approved, the build process is initiated.

Step 3 (Build): It’s now time to make your web design look good. Not simply visually appealing, but also in a way that connects with your target demographic. To develop something distinctive, interesting, and effective, we’ll use your company’s tone, voice, and brand images. And then, we’ll build your project to the highest industry standards. There will be no shortcuts used, and every aspect will be studied. We’ll cut and code your website and integrate your content management system We’ll take into account the experience on all modern browsers and online browsing devices.

Step 4 (Test): We provide multiple opportunities for clients to assess progress and provide input throughout the web design process. Before finishing and releasing a website to the public, we go through several rounds of changes and testing. Our web designers generate new websites on our development server, which is hidden from the public sight. During the development process, our clients are the only ones who have access to their web designs.

Step 5 (Launch): After everything has been said and done, we’ll make your website, brand, or marketing campaign known to the world at large, as well as to your specialized target demographic. However, our journey doesn’t end there; we’ll keep an eye on analytics and conduct weekly scan reports to ensure that your website always getting better outcomes.

Onsite web design training is currently only offered in Louisville, KY.