What is a Shark Jockey?

Every modern business needs a Shark Jockey for 1 very important reason. Shark Jockeys help business navigate oceans of marketing questions in order to win the race toward achieving digital goals. In short, shark jockeys pick up where the average ‘guru’ falls short.

The term ‘guru’ was initially used as a compliment. It referred to a mentor, or someone who helped less experienced individuals find their calling by answering questions and providing training or guidance. Unfortunately, in more modern times, businesses began calling marketing personnel ‘gurus’ simply because a better term was not readily available. Over the last decade, the increase in demand for digital media experts pushed many individuals with limited experience to term themselves as gurus even if they had little to no experience teaching, mentoring, or applying marketing tools and techniques.

As companies approach the start of a new decade they are looking at the first official ten-year span that will begin and end with the world on the same page when it comes to the importance of social media. In 2010, social media was still very undefined. Many companies were still trying to understand if social media was something that could even help their business. As 2020 looms, you would be hard-pressed to find a single organization on the planet that did believe social media could be used to help their business in some way if applied effectively. BUT, this is the problem every company faces: How can they effectively apply social media to their marketing efforts as a whole? More specifically, every company is now racing to improve their digital media footprint in order to capture the exponential increase in mobile and digital search.

Similar to marketing gurus, Shark Jockeys understand social media is the single most important NEW digital marketing tool an organization can apply to its efforts. However, as mentioned above, marketing gurus come from all different backgrounds and oftentimes lack the real world, academic, or mentorship know-how needed to help communicate this to businesses in a way that allows them to received improved return on investment (ROI). In this regard, the experts at Shark Jockey stand out because we apply experience from 6 critically important areas. Our owner’s career and very life depended on his ability to survive and thrive while serving in each of the following roles:







Thanks to this background, we are able to help businesses from a variety of perspectives. Our team has a history of helping companies recruit, hire, train, motivate, educate, and grow marketing teams at private businesses. Our results speak for themselves, and we are happy to offer examples and references to clients who have earned multi-million dollar success thanks to our programs and digital strategies.

Is your marketing ready for success in 2022?