Website Speed

Almost half of web searchers will not wait more than three seconds for a website to load before moving on to another. Is your website quick enough to keep visitors coming back? If not, Shark Jockey’s website speed services can help you out.

Importance of Website Speed

There are a variety of reasons why a website speed may be poor. Most of the time, the problem isn’t visible till you dive into the code. Another factor that contributes to a website’s slowness is the parts that make up the site. Do you have a lot of pictures or videos that are bloated? Is your CSS properly coded? What about a keep-alive strategy? Is your website cluttered with forms? Some of them may appear fantastic on your site, but they may slow down the loading of your site, preventing visitors from having a pleasant experience.

Since website speed is the first impression visitors get of your website, business, and company, it is important to prioritise it. Shark Jockey will help ensure that a visitor’s initial impression of your site is a positive one.

A team of Website Speed Experts

If you’re looking for a website speed consultant, Shark Jockey has well trained website speed specialists, who have optimized thousands of websites. You may be confident that your website will load considerably faster than it does today. Once the work is completed, our website speed specialists will provide you with a full work plan as well as before and after screenshots.

Best Website Speed Optimization in the United States

Shark Jockey provides the top notch website speed optimization and will be able to assist you in a professional and fast manner from the initial consultation to the final optimized output. Although we specialize in WordPress website performance optimization, our team also has experience with PHP, HTML, and other websites. You’ll be working with some of the industry’s most highly trained developers, ensuring the greatest possible outcomes and propelling you deeper into the world of internet marketing.

Custom Website Speed Optimization made just for you

When we work on your website, your guests will see no difference; there will be no downtime or problems at any time. The website’s design and functionality will remain unchanged; it will seem and perform just as it did before we optimized it.

We will work on your website even without your assistance, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business. However, you are always welcome to provide us with suggestions or directions on what to look for while optimizing it.

Our Website Speed Optimization Process

Shark Jockey employs a team of highly skilled developers will be able to perform a complete site audit and identify the hidden scripts that cause page load slowness. They will be able to identify which codes need to be eliminated and which may be updated when the assessment is completed. There may also be code that is old and not recognized by the current version of the browser, depending on the age of the website.

Variables that cause a long load time will be evaluated as well. These can include embedded pictures and movies. When a picture is posted to a website, it is frequently not scaled appropriately. This may force the web browser to resize them before displaying the page you’ve requested. In this scenario, the image will need to be resized and posted to the site again.