Videos are the x-factor behind the success of social media platforms and websites. Videography assists in telling our clients’ stories visually. We’re continuously looking for new and innovative methods to include video into our content initiatives for our clients. Learn how to optimize and produce a modern strategy with the use of videography. Schedule a consultation with us now.

Providing high-definition videography

Shark Jockey specializes in producing corporate promotional films as well as filming in industrial and manufacturing settings. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of business mission and vision requirements, as well as OSHA compliance. Our mission is to be your partner in modern and cinematic videography, from creative concept to finished deliverables.

A team of Videography Professionals

Shark Jockey can work on videography projects of any size or type. Our team of trusted professionals are equipped with skills, such as pre-production, scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, editing, and everything else required in crafting a stunning video. We collaborate with a group of talented writers, producers, directors, and cinematographers that are capable of handling all stage of video production, from concept to completion. Regardless of the budget or scale, we treat every assignment with the utmost expertise.

Best Videography Service in the United States

Shark Jockey has all the tools and equipment that you need to bring your creative vision to life. Our goal is to create video content that your viewers will like watching. We develop a wide range of video material for organizations of all sizes, from commercials to training films to industrial tour videos. While we are situated in Louisville, KY, we service clients all over the country. We also offer live streaming for businesses, event planners, and conferences throughout the United States.

Custom Videography made just for you

Our team offers full-service motion graphics and animation for a wide range of applications, in addition to classic cinematic filming and footage recording. Our team excels at capturing your branding and demonstrating concepts visually, from instructional videos to overlays, unique lower thirds, and reusable branding elements.

Our Videography Services

When a message is viewed, the typical individual remembers 95% of it, but only 10% when it is read. By incorporating video into your strategic marketing plan, you can leave a lasting impression on your audience. We provide a variety of video services, including as brand awareness videos and website header videos, which have been increasingly popular in recent years.

Our team of videography professionals are here to assist you with the creation of the following video types:

– About Us Videos

– Testimonials

– Promotional Advertisements

– Walkthrough Videos

– Explainer Videos