Everything you have to know about Website Speed

Consumers always look forward to having awesome customer service especially when it comes to visiting websites. Believe it or not but website speed is one of the factors that will highly affect your business reviews. Website speed is the amount of time that it takes for a website to fully display its content. In today’s […]

15 Common Mistakes That Actually Ruin Your Website

The goal of your website is to persuade potential customers and to target the ideal customers who would benefit from your services. If your website is not a client convincing machine, what’s the point of having one? Having a great website is essential because it allows you to market your business online. It makes it […]

7 Top Reasons Why Your Website Needs A SSL Certificate

Before reading this article, open a web browser and go to your favorite website and look carefully at the URL. Maybe you haven’t taken the time to look at the first few letters in a while. You may need to actually click on the URL to see the first few letters but you should see […]