7 Top Reasons Why Your Website Needs A SSL Certificate

Before reading this article, open a web browser and go to your favorite website and look carefully at the URL. Maybe you haven’t taken the time to look at the first few letters in a while. You may need to actually click on the URL to see the first few letters but you should see it starts with either HTTP or HTTPS. Just to the left of these letters, you will next notice either a small icon that looks like a lock or the words “Not Secure.” 

Have you carefully considered what these mean? If not, it is now important more than ever to make sure your website is properly set up for success from the very start. This all begins with what is called an SSL.

What is SSL? 

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This tool provides a secure method for transferring sensitive information on the internet. Websites with an SSL certificate are considered to be generally safer because they keep data secured and encrypted. 

It is important to note that it is nearly impossible for any website to guarantee 100% privacy and security for its users. Even some of the largest companies in the world, like Facebook and other major credit card providers report data breaches from time to time. Regardless, sites with an SSL are safer and more protected than sites that do not show this lock icon. 

What is the importance of an SSL Certificate?

The SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection. 

SSL acts as a padlock on your websites. It keeps the internet connections secured and prevents hackers from reading or modifying information transferred between two systems. When you see a padlock icon next to the URL in the address bar, that means SSL protects the website you are visiting and the information you input remains protected.

There are hackers, bots, and scam artists everywhere online. They’re constantly searching for unsecured websites to collect data. There’s a big chance that your information could be intercepted by unknown third-parties when you fill out forms on websites without SSL.

SSL certificates help protect against these types of attacks by binding with web servers. This instant connection requires no manual work on your part once the SSL is properly installed. The best news is that once the SSL is installed, no one can illegally grab and share your information anymore. 

You should seriously consider adding an SSL certificate to your website immediately. If your still not convinced, read these list of top reasons why you need to get an SSL certificate now: 

1. SSL Certificates are usually FREE

If you were worried about not having the money to pay for an SSL certificate, then it is important to understand it is possible to begin this process without spending dollars. There are service providers that give free SSL certificates. 

But there are downsides in getting free SSS. These are some:

  • Free certificates are not going to provide the ideal type of security if you are collecting information from website visitors. This is especially true if you are collecting payments online. 
  • You will find it very difficult to receive technical support from companies offering free SSL certificates. 
  • It can be very inconvenient to keep a free SSL certificate up to date. Depending on the website company you get from, you may only have to renew an SSL certificate that you pay for once a year or every other year or perhaps never if they take care of it for you. SSL certificates need to be renewed every 90 days!

For these reasons, we highly recommend you do not rely on a free SSL certificate. Some website companies might include the cost of an SSL certificate for your website within the price of another service, such as your initial website build, hosting cost, or marketing retainer. Make sure to read the fine print carefully before moving forward with such terms. 

2. SSL ensures your website security and protects it from hackers

‘This website is not secure’.  Whenever users see this notification, the majority of them immediately close the relevant browser tab. Most of us just want to browse and surf secured sites only. This is where HTTPS comes into picture.

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is a standard application-level protocol used for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems that allows users to communicate data and exchange files on the World Wide Web. Having HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) can protect all the communication and customer information in your website. The S here implies that the website is equipped with a SSL Certificate.

Through SSL certification, it becomes possible to prevent the security breach on your website. It provides you with a secondary authentication as the PKI (public key infrastructure) helps in sending information only to the respective server and the data will not be accessible from any other device on the same server.

This is essential if you’re inputting sensitive details like your password or credit card info. It also protects you from Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks like interceptions from a third party or hackers. Without encryption, a cybercriminal can easily display a fake webpage. The links on these false sites could download malicious things onto your computer, like malware. Having an SSL certificate can prevent this from happening. 

3. SSL protects online payments 

Are you using or building a website that will accept online transactions? If so, we can not emphasize enough that your site must include an SSL certificate. Any reputable business must ensure their customer’s information is safe. 

As an owner you must be responsible and be proactive in protecting your customers especially if you own an ecommerce site. If you accept online payments, you must know a thing or two about PCI/DSS requirements. To be able to receive online payments, your website must be PCI compliant. One of the 12 primary requirements set by the payment card industry (PCI) is to have an SSL certificate installed. Therefore you need to get SSL certification, whether you want it or not.

4. SSL will improve your SEO

Google improves the search engine ranking of websites with SSL certificates and if your website does not have an SSL, Google will penalize your content by ranking you lower than others. 

Don’t believe us? Conduct a couple of searches for terms related to your industry on Google. Then start clicking down the list to see how many links appear before the first domain that does not include an https. (Hint: You might be searching for a very long time, or forever, to find a search result that does not include an SSL certificate.)

HTTPS are used as SEO ranking parameters. That is why if SEO is a key priority for you, you should install a SSL certificate right away.

5. SSL can improve your website page speed

Previously, people believed that installing an SSL certificate would cause the website to load slowly. This is untrue. The fact is that HTTPS makes your websites load faster, resulting in better website performance that improves your search engine optimization (SEO) and helps your internet marketing.

6. Google made SSL certification mandatory

In 2018, Google has announced and decided to flag the websites which do not have an SSL/TLS Certificate installed on their website. Google will notify users giving a warning message in the URL bar “Not Safe” for the websites without the certificate. This is not only done by Google but also all the other popular web browsers. 

Websites with no SSL certificates are usually blocked to load by these web browsers. So it’s better to have an SSL to your website to avoid this from happening. Having your website blocked can cause you to lose visitors. 

7. SSL proves your brand trustworthy

Due to all the issues discussed here, consumers now inherently or overtly trust websites with an SSL over websites that do not display the secure icon. Some users even utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure that they maintain a high level of security.

Even though Google was the big driving force behind the importance of SSL certificates, most other search engines like Bing and Yahoo now also prefer them as well. 

When your website has an SSL certificate, you are showing your customers that you are taking their privacy seriously and that your company is trustworthy. 

Get an SSL Certificate Now!

Be proactive! Add an SSL certificate today to keep your users or customers usernames, their credit card information and passwords from being hacked! It is more important than ever to add SSL to your online plan. This simple change can have a dramatic impact on the number of visitors and sales on your website!

Reach out to our Shark Jockey team if you have any questions or need help getting the SSL certificate set up right away.

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