Feeding Frenzy Formula

Our Proprietary Process For Success

Every business deserves a solid plan for marketing. The plan should provide a course of direction, steps for improvement, key performance indicators to measure success, and proven methods to scale up based on success or the ability to quickly set sail in new directions.

Shark Jockey Digital provides clients with a transparent, proprietary process called the Feeding Frenzy Formula. This process guides everything needed to earn ROI from start to finish. Each business is unique. Based on resources and goals, we work with clients to choose 1, 2, 3, or more of the following options to include in a monthly, quarterly, or annual plan.

Within each option, there are also multiple levels available to help find the perfect budget. Click on the FREE CONSULTATION button next to one of the areas below to learn more details about how to have Shark Jockey guide your marketing plan.

shark jockey feeding frenzy formula

Become A Jockey

Ready to dive into the marketing ocean? Get started with a consultation including advanced health checks to assess areas of strategic advantage in your industry.

Sharpen Your Teeth

Find out if your organization’s message is sharp enough to grab ahold of audiences and never let go.

sharpen your teeth
discover the feeding frenzy formula

Create Your Feeding Frenzy Formula

Discover the process that will help your business scale marketing efforts effectively month after month.

Enter The Shark Tank Software

Use the powerful Shark Tank software to bring together all the content and analytics needed to power websites, social media, and more.

enter the shark tank
fish finder software

Fish Finder Software

Cast your nets and use Shark Jockey’s newest proprietary software to grow leads, gain testimonials, manage your online reputation, and rank higher on SEO.

Map Your Voyage

Plan the call to action, advertising tactics, corresponding offers, and unique selling propositions for each product or service in your business.

shark jockey map your voyage
shark jockey shark bait

Shark Bait

Get support, guidance, and creation of the content needed to bring customers to your business.

Killer Conversion Tools

Develop sales funnels, retargeting programs, lead generation ads, webinars, and advertising campaigns for digital, social media, TV, radio, or print.

shark jockey conversion tools
shark jockey your life at sea automatic processes

Automatic Processes: Your Life At Sea

Build the processes, tools, and software a business needs to be successful while you focus on other priorities.

Create Your Fleet

Unlike other agencies, we LOVE hearing that you are ready to hire additional help for key areas. There’s always more that we can do to help you grow and find the next member of the marketing or leadership team.

shark jockey create your fleet

Is your marketing ready for success in 2023?