Proposal for Gerry Hammond


Thank you for considering the marketing and website packages for your business with Shark Jockey Digital. Services provided can include a range of digital applications, such as digital marketing, website design, SEO, social media, landing pages, videography, graphic design, and business consulting. While some companies seek a one-time custom solution to their problem(s), most businesses prefer having experts available to them each month, who know and understand their specific industry and goals.

Shark Jockey strives to provide businesses with these services through unique Managed Marketing Programs. By doing so, we are able to offer a range of services powered by various experts on multiple teams. Rather than paying a high amount for just one expert, we are able to draw on knowledge and proven results from multiple businesses to help provide solutions.

Shark Jockey is owned and managed by Nick Stover, a former Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, General Manager, and Social Media Director for multiple companies. Nick’s career includes over 20 years of personal experience in marketing, advertising, sales, website creation, business development, and digital applications. His network provides an incredible opportunity for clients to gain agency-quality experience and production from experts who power many of the largest and fastest growing businesses in North America.

Account Manager: Nick Stover

Primary Point of Contact:

Gerry Hammond

Primary Goals:

  1. Planning and development process
  2. Administrative workshops
  3. Creation of project blueprint
  4. Creative design style guide 
  5. Launch plan for websites
  6. Search engine optimization planning
  7. Coordinated social media creation and planning


  • Actions / Deliverables
    1. 4 Workshops to outline, organize, and plan all steps needed for website and business infrastructure. 
      1. Branding and Messaging Workshop
        1. 1 x 45-90 minute online meeting
      2. Content and Sitemap Meeting
        1. 1 x 45-90 minute online meeting
      3. Website and Business Functionality Workshop
        1. 1 x 45-90 minute online meeting
      4. Business Infrastructure and Partnership Workshop
        1. 1 x 45-90 minute online meeting
    2. 1 Blueprint Plan
      1. Documents guiding setup of the website and business plan related to marketing
    3. Style guide 
      1. Outlining design elements for the brand, website, and social media
  • Timeline
    1. Workshops to occur during September 2021. 
    2. Blueprint Plan to be completed within 2 weeks after the last workshop
  • Actions / Deliverables
    1. Coming Soon Website (“Splash Page”)
    2. Business Building Software and Digital Ecosystem
    3. Account Setup
      1. Website
      2. Hosting
      3. Google
      4. Social Media
    4. Graphic Design for assets listed above
    5. Copywriting required for assets listed above
    6. Project Management required for assets listed above
  • Timeline
    1. Estimated Launch Date for “Coming Soon” website is between October 15-November 15.
    2. The “Coming Soon” website will be in place until the First Phase of the full website is complete.
    3. This provides the infrastructure needed on all 3 websites for a 12-month period.
    4. The account creation and organization is valid as long as the website and social media accounts are used.
  • Actions / Deliverables
    1. Part A
      1. 10 Page Website – February 1 (estimated)
        1. Focused on providing core brand and business information
    2. Part B
      1. 20-50 Page Website (created during 12-month engagement)
        1. Provides expanded information that will be mapped during the Workshops, including but not limited to
          1. Pillar content
          2. Staff / Coach bios
          3. Application descriptions and onboarding
          4. Influencer interviews
  • Timeline
    1. 60-90 days based on client requests, information provided, and content creation needs discovered during Workshops.
    2. Website support and updates provided for 12 months from the end of Workshops.
  • Actions / Deliverables
    1. Listings Package
    2. Essential SEO Plan
    3. Social Media Starter Plan
    4. Facebook/Instagram Ads Starter Plan
    5. Google Ads Starter Plan
    6. Email Package and Management
  • Timeline
    1. Ongoing support for additional content and marketing during the12 month engagement (from the end of Workshops).

Website Proposal for Gerry Hammond


At Shark Jockey, we pride ourselves in doing our best to meet defined goals and fulfill your design related needs, but it is necessary to ensure that a few simple things are outlined on paper should any unforeseen questions or issues arise. In this contract, you wonʼt find complicated terms or large passages of confusing text. We wish to maintain clarity and want you to know exactly what you are signing. (Client may choose to print and sign this document or submit signature electronically at the bottom of this page.

Agreed Upon By:

Agreed Upon By:

Shark Jockey Digital

Gerry Hammond Representatives: Joe Miday and Mike Waugh 

I ______________________________, agree to pay the amount described below for website design and development services performed by Shark Jockey Digital (13101 Magisterial Drive, Louisville, KY 40223). This is a one-time project price. Every website includes elements that should be considered critical to annual performance and may require yearly expenses such as the financial or time costs associated with upkeep of the URL, SSL, Hosting, Plugins, and Maintenance. Some of these costs are described within the document above. These prices can change based on third-party requirements or other elements outside of our control, but Shark Jockey always attempts to lock in pricing for clients as specified. Signing this document and entering the agreed upon total below expresses a commitment for payment by Gerry Hammond.

Project OverviewTotal
Meetings8 Workshops +3 Trainings
Keyword ResearchOptimized plan with monthly updates
Copywriting20-50 pages of content
Component I: Website Launch20-50 page website
Component II: Business EssentialsIncluded
Component III: All-in-One PortalIncluded
Component IV: SEO Essentials
Estimated Timeframe12 months
Estimated Website Launch DateOctober 15
Project Total:$4,497
Payment options1-3 payments
Phase 1Assessment and BlueprintIncluded
Phase 2Coming Soon Website and Account SetupIncluded
Phase 3Gerry Hammond Website Build, Launch, and Ongoing DevelopmentTBD
Phase 4Marketing, Advertising and PRTBD

Payments made on our website require a 2% 3rd party fee for online transactions. This is required by the bank and is less than standard fees charged by popular payment processors such as Stripe or Paypal. 

This monthly amount will cover the agreed upon scope of work related to website design, development, and marketing during the dates specified above. Additional advertising budget, plugins that require annual upkeep, hosting, or other third-party charges will be on my company account, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, LinkedIn Account and/or credit card of choice. Other charges such as hosting and URL costs are additional third party expenses that should also be placed on the client credit card. Click here for list of Project Terms when working with Shark Jockey. Additional Google Ads will be billed each month as determined by the client. Additional Facebook Ads will be placed directly on the Client Credit Card through Facebook’s Ads and Business Manager. 

I acknowledge the price I receive is based on an assessment of the information I provided to Shark Jockey Digital on the date of the contract and is only an estimate. I further acknowledge that if Shark Jockey Digital determines additional work not documented in the Statement of Work is needed, the cost will be impacted. I will however have the opportunity to review and approve these changes prior to Shark Jockey Digital moving forward. This portion is only intended as a protection because occasionally and unfortunately, some companies take advantage of our attempt to provide kindness while overdelivering. We are here to help make this experience enjoyable and momentous. 

Payments can be made by check or visiting

This contract is a legally binding document, and cannot be renewed. If for some reason one part of this contract becomes invalid or unenforceable, the remaining parts of it remain in place.

(Client may choose to print and sign this document or submit signature electronically at the bottom of this page.

Shark Jockey DigitalClient Signature 1:__________________________
Name: Nick StoverName: _____________________________________
Title: Owner, PresidentTitle: _______________________________________
Date: September 1, 2021Date: _______________________________________
Client Signature 2: _________________________
Name: _____________________________________
Title: ______________________________________
Date: ______________________________________


Browser Functionality

All of our websites are tested for functionality on current Safari, Chrome, Firefox internet browsers. We do not guarantee that your website will look exactly the same on every screen, and it may appear differently due to varying screen resolutions and aspect ratios. It is also understood that it is not possible for Shark Jockey to guarantee that every user will have the exact same experience due to a variety of factors including but not limited to Internet speed, browser updates, device optimizations, screen size, and more. 

Support Period and Liability

A standard 30-day support window is provided as part of this project following the website launch in order to assist with minor changes to content or optimization improvements. Changes requiring website redesign, graphic design, and functionality that may require more than 1 hour of work will require additional project scopes and proposal options. Shark Jockey Digital will do everything possible to build you an amazing marketing plan and assets, but we (Nick Stover and associates) accept no liability for your sales, revenue, and/or the success of your website, business, marketing plans, or assets directly, indirectly, or consequentially. We do not test, change, endorse, or certify claims, products, slogans, branding, marks or statements. All language used on physical or digital materials and the website, their originality, and legal use is guaranteed by the client, NOT Shark Jockey Digital. On occasion, Shark Jockey Digital works with clients offering equity, ownership, commission, products, services, and other forms of compensation in exchange for services. In these instances, Shark Jockey Digital maintains that our role is to provide expert marketing support. Claims made online or in other places, products, sales, slogans, content, and other materials are still the sole responsibility of the majority owner and/or client. Our role is to provide support for your goals, NOT to protect companies or people from themselves.

Terms and Conditions

All of our websites, marketing programs, and initiatives are tested for functionality on current Safari, Chrome, Firefox internet browsers. We do not guarantee that your website will look exactly the same on every screen, and it may appear differently due to varying screen resolutions and aspect ratios.

Please click below to view the official Terms and Conditions clients agree to when signing with Shark Jockey Digital. By signing this document, and/or, submitting payment to Shark Jockey Digital through digital platforms, cash, or check, the business, person, or paying party agrees to these terms and conditions.*  

Terms of Service

Concerns related to arbitration have not occurred in Shark Jockey’s past, however Shark Jockey utilizes the services of multiple legal and insurance teams each year. In the event of a dispute, Shark Jockey is prepared to show evidence of all agreements, terms, services, work and communication. Shark Jockey never wants to utilize court, jury trials, or class actions and prefers clients communicate any issues openly so that fair “makegoods” can be provided if necessary and all parties can avoid unnecessary fees, frustration, and hostility. 

It is in the best interest of our clients, Shark Jockey, and its representatives, for Shark Jockey to do everything possible to show a willingness to go above and beyond for clients whenever possible. Clients of Shark Jockey agree to all Terms of Service when they sign the Proposal or submit payment to Shark Jockey through cash, check, or the online payment platform. These Terms of Service are described in detail for anyone to review at any time by following the link below.*  

*Shark Jockey does not intend at any time to trick or lock clients into unnecessary or hidden long-term contracts. Details about the length of the agreement will always be provided on the Proposal or Invoice submitted to clients for review. Any reference to contract length in the links above are intended as a precaution and example, NOT as a means of locking clients into agreements they no longer wish to partake in. If clients desire to end agreements at any time, that is possible as long as costs for resources, time, and labor are fairly rewarded in a reasonable manner. Meaning, Shark Jockey will always ask clients to cover the third party and / or hard costs incurred on their behalf, regardless of if the client wishes to end a program early or not. This is because, in order to get the best price for clients, Shark Jockey often commits to long-term contracts on behalf of clients. These cannot be broken (and are often regulated by additional legal agreements Shark Jockey enters), but that is due to the third party’s rules and Shark Jockey’s attempt to help clients, NOT because Shark Jockey is attempting to gain profit unfairly. If clients wish to end agreements early, Shark Jockey will typically accept a loss in regards to the unrealized profit that may have occurred if the client were to remain a happy customer. This is extremely rare, but if it occurs, details and arrangements are considered on a case by case basis. This statement is an attempt to offer open and honest transparency from the beginning of any agreement so that clients understand their rights and never feel as though they are trapped in a relationship they do not want. Divorces happen in life and in business. We are prepared to handle these professionally if they occur, fight for our rights (and yours) if needed, and most importantly keep lines of communication open at all times.

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